What is love to you?

I saw someone recently post on an instagram story “what is love to you” and it has inspired this post.

What is love to you? it really got me thinking about love and where i see love the most.

heres what I came up with, might be a little poetic so im just warning you.

I see love when I awake in the morning with the sunlight beaming threw the window and flooding my room with a warm light,


I see love when I roll over
and see the smile of the person i’ve chosen to spend my life with and i feel lucky that i got to do that for another day. Love is grateful. 

I see love in my dog who for the last eight and a half years has climbed onto the bed and say good morning to me. 

I feel love and gratitude for my body for being able to wake up and take my morning walk into the woods and listening to the birds chirping in the trees above me. 

I feel love in the embrace of my mum who’s stood by me through all different things in life good and bad. 

Love is gratitude, love and life are in everything around us, as the old saying goes “seek and you shall find” 

No matter where you are in life, remember love comes in so many forms, it comes in the faces of your children, your family, your friends and in all life around you. 

Stephanie, xoxo

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