Hanging around the West Coast of Scotland.

My home.


Just as beautiful as when I left it, if you look in the right places the west coast of Scotland is a pure gem. After all the snow-drama of the Beast from the East, its been really great to see that big yellow thing in the sky these past few days its still super chilly mind you. 

I always like to make the most of the good weather whither its sitting outside in the garden with a BBQ or going out an adventure for the day, this day in particular we had some business to attend to on the west coast of Scotland and we drove the scenic route from Greenock to Ayrshire and we made a quick stop on the Haylie Brae in Largs and we watched the sun go down which is always very cliché romantic. I’ve been thinking a lot about home and my life on the west coast running into the water in the summer and knowing everyone in the town and comparing it to my life now in the city. I’m going to be honest i’m a 25 year old who would prefer a quiet life in the country. Im excited for my next chapter in life and all the goals i’ve set out and have been sticking to this year and its great to see them become a reality one by one. 


Its a quite life for me, yo ho yo ho..




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